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Carpet vacuuming! Find out why they need to be deep-cleaned.

Vacuuming carpets is a task that few people perform in their homes. Perhaps they think it’s not necessary; that shaking is all that’s needed eventually.


In truth, a simple shake will not remove bacteria, fungi or animals that are hidden inside your tissues. That could be a source of disease or allergies for your family. You need to use another, more thorough method to help you remove all these contaminants.


This is where the importance of a vacuum cleaner lies, which allows sucking up all these vermin.


But stop downplaying it, on the contrary, let’s go along to discover in this reading why and how to do the vacuuming job. Also, the necessary vacuuming techniques and where to locate expert carpet vacuuming professionals.

How often should carpets be vacuumed?

The frequency of vacuuming is determined by the weave of the carpet and how the house is arranged inside. It is well known that, as a general rule, it is convenient to clean it every two weeks. This situation changes if you have children and pets in your home, who will generate more dirt. In this case, it should be cleaned before two weeks have passed.


Another factor that increases the regularity of carpet cleaning is the place where it is located. If it is located in a humid place or under the table where they sit to eat. Also if they are made of natural fabrics, the regularity of cleaning should be increased. Since these conditions are very easy to accumulate or absorb dirt.


These would be the frequency in which we should make use of the vacuum cleaner. To keep the carpet in an optimal condition. Creating a cozy place at home, where everything is kept in order.



Why is it essential to use the vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet?


Although many people think that constant vacuuming is pointless. The truth is, regular vacuuming is preventive maintenance. It prevents the carpet from accumulating dirt or bacteria on a daily basis. That in the future will cost a lot to remove.


That’s not to mention that not cleaning frequently will be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Which leads to many diseases.


In summary, to clean the carpet, it is necessary to use a good vacuuming, so it will stay cleaner and avoid a problem when removing the dirt.


How can I use the vacuum cleaner without damaging my carpets?

The process of vacuuming a carpet must be careful, because although it may not seem so, they are delicate. You must be prudent, of course this does not imply anything complicated. Just a few simple tips, pay attention to these two aspects:

Leave the carpet last if you are cleaning the house

You may be in the habit of starting to clean the carpet when you do your house. But have you ever thought about the amount of dust you remove when you clean tables, walls or chairs? That will surely go to the carpet, and if you’ve already vacuumed it, it’s work lost.

And not only this, you will have to suction the carpet again, and as you know this can weaken the fabrics. Constant vacuuming can weaken or damage the fabrics.

This is a secret known to all carpet vacuuming services in Phoenix Az. They are fully aware that the fabrics are delicate, their vacuuming services are for regulated periods.

Use a low suction vacuum cleaner

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, detail its suction capacity. Choose one with low power or with a power regulator.

This will allow you to safeguard the health of your carpet fabric. Vacuuming with too high a suction level can cause certain types of carpet to lint.

Of course, there is a detail with this type of equipment with adjustable power, its cost is a little higher.


To compensate for this, here are some tips. Look for those with a wider suction head, which does not concentrate suction in a single point. If it does not have space to expand its strength.


Another option is to have an adjustable handle. That allows you to move it a little away from the carpet to lower the pressure a little.

Professional techniques for vacuuming carpets

Now, you may be wondering, how do I vacuum? Although it may seem like a piece of cake, there is a science to it. Yes, you’re right, especially why you need to take care of your carpet fabrics.


Don’t worry, we’ll give you some professional carpet vacuuming techniques that will get you out of trouble.


First of all, do not pass twice continuously in the same position in the same place. Remember that tissues can be damaged by constant suction.


You should vacuum in a diagonal or V shape. In such a way that you can vacuum and make the fabric rest without forcing it.


Another technique is the position, you must take care that it is always horizontal. Not vertically or hanging. Because it will not contribute to extract the dirt but rather it will move through the carpet and will adhere.


And to give you the last tip, always vacuum dry, we do not recommend wet vacuuming.


The life of the fabric must be preserved. Wet suctioning can start to damage the carpet. In addition, they will remain all caked. Dust can even become more embedded.


After joining us in this learning, we will give you one last suggestion. Where to find carpet cleaning professionals in Phoenix az.


We advise you that the best company, Cleaner full, is undoubtedly the most reliable. It has the best vacuum cleaners and professionals to do the job. Their techniques are based on extending the life of your carpet.


The carpet vacuuming will be a piece of cake, because you will be accompanied by the best experts. We invite you to look them up on their website, and start having your home all clean and above all cared for. With the help of those who know how to do it best, the professionals in vacuuming and carpet cleaning in the state of Arizona.

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