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My carpets can be repaired and restored

Carpet restoration is necessary when carpets are damaged. It is well known that things do not last forever and must be taken care of. Carpets do not escape from this reality.


Carpets should be taken care of, because they help to decorate your home. You can enjoy and walk barefoot on it, forgetting how cold the floor can be.


Have you already had your carpets cleaned and checked their condition? It’s possible that your carpet is in need of a restoration or a deep cleaning. But don’t worry, we can help you restore the one you love! This way, you will say goodbye to buying a new carpet, which is so expensive these days.

How do carpets deteriorate?

Carpets deteriorate in many ways. Let’s see below which factors are the most common, and determine which one your carpet has:


Furniture brand

One of the factors that damage carpets is the weight of furniture. This can cause marks on the textile, which can even damage the carpet with holes.



This is another factor that affects the life of your carpet. The lack of cleaning spoils the fibers and they become caked. This action can cause the textile to break in some cases.


Traffic is believed to be responsible for carpet wear, but it is not the major cause. Dust due to its abrasive particles is the cause. Of course, walking on it causes the wear action.



There are several things that cause a carpet to discolor. One can be the incorrect use of chemical products when cleaning it, another by accidentally spilling a chemical product on it.


It can also be affected by natural wear and tear of the carpet, and because an animal urinated on it. These factors will cause the carpet to lose its luster and discolor the fibers and weaves.


Loss of adhesion 

You may slip if your carpet has lost its grip. It is not safe to step on carpet that moves a lot. This is a factor that must be addressed promptly for your personal safety and the safety of others.


Bad odor

There are many reasons why your carpet may have a bad odor. One of them can be humidity, which in turn produces mites and fungi. Another very frequent cause is dropping food debris on it.


Another situation that can lead to carpet odor is lack of cleaning. Carpets normally absorb odors from grease, the environment and even our own body odor.

What should I do if my carpets are badly damaged?


The first thing you have to do, is to observe what is the type of damage. Second, call a carpet restoration service in Phoenix AZ. Have you ever wondered how to restore damaged carpets?

Well, everything will depend on how the carpet is affected. The actions are very diverse and in many cases are performed in a handmade way. Let’s see what they are:

  • Fringe restoration
  • Eliminate gaps


Color recovery 

To revive the color of your carpet, it is effective to use a handful of coarse salt and add a little water to make a paste. Spread it on the carpet and let it dry. Then rub it with a brush and proceed to remove it with a vacuum cleaner.


Another way is to make a mixture of alcohol vinegar. Rub the surface of the carpet with a cotton cloth, leave for a few minutes, wipe with a dry cloth and then proceed to vacuuming.


Removal of furniture markings

You can apply ice cubes to the affected area and wait for them to melt so that the indentation disappears. However, if the mark continues, your other option is to use a dessert fork to carefully lift the fibers.


Another action you should do is to rotate the carpet at least once a year. This will guarantee that the marks will be less fixed.


Elimination of bad odor

To eliminate bad odors from your carpet, it is ideal to neutralize them with baking soda. What you have to do is to sprinkle it on the surface and let it act. Finally, remove with the vacuum cleaner.


In addition, you can scent your carpet with essential oils of cinnamon, geranium or lavender. For this action you can use an aerosol spray.


Dust Elimination

You can remove dust by simply vacuuming your carpet. Also, you can do it with a brush but it can flatten the carpet fibers. So the first option is the best.


Stain removal

The best thing to do is to act fast when your carpet is stained. You can take an absorbent paper and put it over the place where the liquid fell.


Never use a very wet sponge. Try to clean from the edge to the center of the carpet. You must be careful that the stain does not spread because it would be even worse.


You can use a stain remover, otherwise you can use a sponge or paper. But, be sure to try it on an area that is not so visible so you don’t damage the carpet. If the stain persists hire a carpet cleaning service in Phoenix AZ.


Prevent the carpet from moving too much

There are a variety of options you can use to keep your carpet from moving. One is to place an anti-skid on it, and change it from time to time so that it does not lose adherence.


Another option is to use a plasticized grid, a latex pad or use some rubber strips to fix the corners of the carpet.

Professional Carpet Repair and Restoration Service in Arizona

Undoubtedly, there are several problems that your carpet may have. Some we can solve by ourselves, but there are others that require expert personnel. You can’t take a chance with your carpet.


There are damages that require repair, restoration or replacement and that requires specialized tools. So, it is best to leave it in the hands of professionals.


Whatever your case may be, it is best to hire a carpet restoration and cleaning service in Arizona, Cleaner Full is your best option! We can help you get your carpet professionally cleaned.


We can help you to supplement fibers, remove stains, eliminate unpleasant odors. Everything has a solution with Cleaner full. We can make an evaluation to check the condition of your carpet. Don’t put off carpet restoration, contact us now!

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